Cassiobury splendour (26/05/18)

A couple of years ago we posted photos of the splendid azaleas and rhododendrons in Cassiobury Park. These all grow in a singe, large patch just north of Café Cha. They didn’t appear last year (at least we’re pretty sure they didn’t  – we looked a number of times!), but here they are in 2018, a…

Summer in Cheslyn Gardens (16/08/17)

We’ve had many lovely afternoons in ‘Watford’s best-kept secret’. Last year we posted pictures of Cheslyn Gardens in late-September – here are a few taken this year in mid-summer:

Badger’s Crossing charity day and miniature railway (06/08/17)

Writing here a long time after the event, but we wanted to post a few pics of the excellent afternoon we had at the Badger’s Crossing miniature railway charity day last August in Watford. This is a biennial charity event put on by a family who own a large garden up on Hempstead Road.  They have…

Moving to Watford: One Year On (13/12/16)

It’s a year since we moved to Watford from London. But did we? We’re still having conversations with friends and colleagues over what really constitutes ‘London’. We both work in the capital and consider Watford – as it’s on the tube and a quick overland hop into Euston – still part of Greater London. Our commutes…

Cheslyn Gardens – Watford’s best kept secret (22/09/16)

We’ve spoken to a few people who’ve lived in Watford for many years and have never heard of Cheslyn Gardens. That’s a shame, as it’s one of the town’s best kept secrets. The council-owned gardens is at the north end of Nascot Wood Road, so to be fair isn’t likely to be stumbled across unless you live that end of town….

Cassiobury Park in bloom (05/05/16)

Cassiobury Park doesn’t have a lot of flowers so we were very pleasantly surprised to come across a clump of colourful azaleas and rhododendrons in the north east of the park.