Croxley Green to Cassiobury Park buggy-friendly walk (02/07/19)

It’s one of the last days of my maternity leave and wanting to make the most of the nice weather, I decided to try walking from Croxley Green to Cassiobury Park.

Arch on Little Green Lane

I headed off down Little Green Lane and came across this lovely arch and gate. I wondered what it used to belong to as the house it adjoined had three circular windows in it. [Update: apparently it’s the old back entrance to Durrant’s House, which was once the sports club for Merchant Taylors’ school. For more information, check out this fab website: Croxley Green History Thanks Nick Dunn!]

Lodge End and Rousebarn Lane junction

I carried on down the hill and a helpful lady advised me not to cut through the park across the golf course saying it was very rough and not buggy-friendly so I turned right and went down Rousebarn Lane. I got to where the lane joined Lodge End and turned left following the sign to Gade Bank.

Steep bit of Rousebarn Lane

This road was steep (a good workout pushing the buggy up it for sure!) and narrow. A couple of cars came down on my way and it was a bit awkward getting out of their way as there isn’t a footpath either side so I would probably say try this walk on a weekday just in case it’s busier on a weekend or holiday day.

Step-free access down to the canal

At the bottom, I decided to walk along the canal for a bit. There is a step-free path down which was a relief as I didn’t want to wake the sleeping bubba bumping him down the steps.

Canal boat next to the tow-path

It was lovely and peaceful walking along the canal, passing the colourful canal boats. A great place to de-stress and reflect on what’s changed in our lives since we last walked down there.

Step-free path up from tow-path

There’s a step-free path to the left of the bridge to come off the tow-path and into the park via the rustic bridge. Coming into the park after my hour’s ramble, I felt so lucky to have been able to do it and have some time to explore.

View from the rustic bridge

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