Having a baby in Watford (27/06/18)

(Credit: Yanik Chauvin)

We recently had a baby (our second child) and wanted to give a shout out to all the pregnancy related things we tried in Watford.


Ante-natal yoga is such a lovely pregnancy experience and we would recommend Minded Yoga in central Watford. Shweta’s sessions were always peaceful and restorative.

Pregnancy club

We found the  monthly pregnancy clubs, now run by the Hertfordshire Family Centre service great for meeting other mums-to-be in the local area and also hear the latest midwife advice.

Independent midwives

We booked the lovely Maya Midwives at week 37 (way later than normal for their clients) for a homebirth and they prepared us for the big day with a birth plan session, delivered the birthing pool and liner and went through all our concerns kindly and considerately.


We visited the Bushey Osteopathic Clinic when we learnt that the baby was lying back-to-back and would recommend them.

Belly dancing

In another effort to get the baby into a good position before and during labour, we got in touch with Dawn Harvey to learn some “dancing for birth” belly dancing tips! Dawn was a lot of fun and runs belly dancing classes in Watford.


A day before the due date, we visited Sarah Setton to have a reflexology session to help prepare the body for birth and had a very relaxing time.


Our due date came and went and we wondered how long the baby would keep us waiting. We booked a three day acupuncture induction package with Judy Lassman, who very kindly started the three day course on a Saturday. The sessions with Judy were calming and relaxing and contractions started on the night of the last session – coincidence? We’ll never know!

If you have any questions about our experience, please do email us or leave a comment below.

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