Harwoods Adventure Playground (06/10/17)

We managed to make it to the recently revamped Harwoods playground for the first time, on a brilliantly sunny autumn day.  It was really quiet so our son had the playground pretty much to himself the whole time and he absolutely loved it!

There are loads of different things to climb on and he enjoyed being adventurous on his own, trying out new things.

A definite favourite were the ramparts towards the rear of the playground: he went down the tube slide about 20 times and then built up the courage to climb up the wooden tunnel. Meanwhile, I was stuck on the top of the ramparts, as you can only really easily access it from the walkway bridge, which meant I had to stay at the top waiting for him to appear from the bottom of the slide! This was all right as it was so quiet. but on a busier day it would be better with two of us.

Our son was sad to leave so I think we’ll be going again very soon!

A note on the location – it’s not actually on Harwoods Road, as the name implies. It’s actually on the corner of Hagden Lane and Vicarage Road, almost opposite Laurance Haines school. Here it is on a map:

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