Berkhamsted Castle (29/07/17)

Berkhamstead Castle’s a great place to visit with kids, only a twenty-minute or so drive from Watford. The ruins of the motte-and-bailey castle are owned by English Heritage, and the site is free to get in.

There’s limited free parking right outside, just next to the train station. It’s a large, grassy, safe site where our little one loves riding his balance bike and climbing the ruins (well, the bits you’re allowed to climb on), and it’s perfect for picnicking. Stand on the old castle mound and you’ve a great towards the town and the trains zooming past (great for a Thomas-obsessed toddler!). There’s also a playground that has recently been refurbished, just across the nearby canal (see our other post about our walk the Berkhamsted canal).

Below are some photos from a particularly sunny visit. Enjoy!



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