The Comedy Loft, Watford (10/06/17)

When was the last time you went to a comedy night? Ours was in 2006, at Up The Creek in Greenwich, where Greg Davies was the compère.  We had a great time and, yes, I was picked on by at least one of the comedians for the crime of sitting at the end of an aisle 🙂

This time round, we went to The Comedy Loft’s first birthday*. We managed to make it there just after 8pm, after we were sure our son had settled and the babysitter had arrived (thanks sis!).  The doors had closed at 7.30pm and the staff were very keen to make sure we didn’t get heckled for taking our seats after the show had started, which was kind. The rest of the evening was equally slickly organised, with the acts and drinks breaks running to a schedule that ensured the atmosphere never dipped. There were also first birthday goodie bags with hats, sweets etc, which was a nice touch.

David Morgan

On the bill was compère David Morgan, Markus Birdman, Luisa Omielan and Phil Nichol although Luisa had called in sick and was replaced by Julian Deane.

Julian Deane

The comedians offered a good mix of styles and the atmosphere benefited from a sporting crowd up for a laugh.  A group just in front of us was absolutely loving it, and a group in front of the stage provided one of the stand out moments of the night when “Ben” was invited up to the stage to sing with Phil Nichol. Ben, if you’re reading this, we want to buy you a pint!

Phil Nichol

Food was being served which can be ordered beforehand or on the day. We’d already eaten otherwise we would have tried one of the big plates.

After the comedy had finished, they cleared away the tables and had a DJ. Quite a few people drifted away, presumably to sample some of the other delights of Watford on a Saturday night – we weren’t sure whether a club night was starting or things were wrapping up, but we were happy to stay for another drink on a rare night out!

*We received free tickets to go to The Comedy Loft’s first birthday. Our views are our own.

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