Colourscape and Waddesdon Manor (04/06/17)

We’d seen someone post about Colourscape on at Waddeson Manor on Facebook somewhere and thought that it looked like a pretty cool event to go to and then promptly forgot about it! Luckily, we managed to remember in time to catch its last day.

Colourscape at Waddeson Manor
Colourscape at Waddeson Manor

And we’re so glad we did as it’s really rather special. We were a bit sceptical before going in…we were worried our son wouldn’t like it and one of us would have to take him out but he absolutely loved it! You walk around these interconnecting bubble rooms whilst you can hear music coming from further in and get lost in all the colour and magic.  We saw an interpretative dancer in one room and then right at the back was a classical guitarist. We had lots of fun following our son as he explored and re-explored each room. We hope the pictures give a flavour of what it’s like. If it’s on next year, we hope you get a chance to go.

Coloured capes in Colourscape
Everyone had to wear coloured capes whilst inside

The rest of Waddeson is pretty special as well. We used our Gardener’s World 2-4-1 card to get in and caught the shuttle bus up to the grounds, which our son enjoyed. There’s lots to see including a fab woodland playground and an aviary.

We’ll definitely aim to go back next year and see more of the grounds and visit Colourscape if it’s on.

Here’s a link to Waddeson Manor’s website.

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