Café Cha re-opens (02/09/16)

We’d been hotly anticipating the re-opening of Café Cha in Cassiobury Park as we loved taking our little one to the playground before it closed for refurbishment.

As the work went on we were a bit sceptical as the play equipment for very young children appeared to be being replaced with swings, a climbing frame and other bits-and-pieces more appropriate for older kids.

Picnic benches outside the cafe.

We needn’t have worried! Our toddler loves the grassy mound and sandpit (see below) and the more ‘natural’ look of the rest of the equipment fits well with the sprucing up of the cafe building.

The sandpit and mound. Our little one also loves running through the willow tunnel with plants growing over it!
The pirate ship climbing frame: our little one loves the slide, but be careful with young ones at the top – there’s a drop one side and the steps are quite steep to come down.
The swings, including a hammock-style swing to the right. Just behind that is a new small trampoline (similar to the one at the other end of the park).
DSC_0437 (1)
Pieces of wooden equipment to climb on, including carved animals.

Inside, the cafe doesn’t look hugely different to before, but is thankfully still serving the same yummy cakes! There is also now a handy serving hatch out to the playground, so parents can grab a coffee while they watch the kids play – a nice addition.

STOP PRESS: apparently the old fire engine play equipment that was removed is being brought back by popular demand, though will be situated at the other end of the park in the larger playground.

Café Cha

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