Watford Beach (07/08/16)

All throughout August, Watford’s home to ‘Big Screen on the Beach’. Our first trip there was on a sunny, albeit windy, Sunday afternoon when our son woke up slightly earlier than normal from his afternoon nap and we had enough time before his tea to potter down and check it out.

Watford’s ‘Big Screen on the Beach’

Not having been to something like this before with our son, we weren’t sure what to expect. It was fairly busy but not too busy to mean there wasn’t room for him to have enough space to play. He enjoyed trying to make sandcastles and also throwing himself on another little boy’s carefully built giant sand mountain and diminishing it bit by bit! Thankfully, the other boy was pretty patient and stood to one side until our son got distracted and then very quickly built it back up with his mum.


Olympic Games coverage on the big screen


We enjoyed the relaxed atmosphere and have been back a couple of times on week days, as it’s a handy, free activity for our son to enjoy. The Olympic Games coverage is a bonus. The only drawback is that the sand stains clothes!


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