Butts Meadow playground, Berkhamsted (29/05/16)

We fell in love with Berkhamsted when we visited it for the first time after it had snowed the night before. It looked absolutely magical on the drive in and walking about in the snow. We saw a lot of families in the Costa Coffee coming in with sledges and we wondered where they had been doing it. On later trips, we found the Butts Meadow playground on King’s Road and with the slopes running down to the playing field next to it, thought this was where they had been coming from.

We like visiting the Butts Meadow playground as it has a good climbing frame for toddlers and can be easily combined with a walk to the high street where we usually enjoy a coffee and cake at the café in Waterstone’s. We tend to go in their café as it’s a bit quieter than the Costa next door and it has toys and books for children to use whilst the adults are enjoying their caffeine fix. You can also collect Waterstone points with your café purchases – something we always forget!

Here’s a photo of the playground. In the background, you can just make out the primary school at the bottom of the playing field that has a path that runs down its side to take you down to the high street.

Butts Meadow playground, Berkhamsted

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