Watford and Croxley Green canal walk (10/04/16)

One sunny morning in April, we decided to take a walk that combined catching the tube from Watford to Croxley Green, having elevenses at CoCo Deli and then walking home via the canal and the Cassiobury park playground.

Our son loves trains so getting the tube was a real treat for him. Not so for us when having to lug the buggy with him in it down the steps at Watford and then up the steps at Croxley but I guess it meant we burnt a few more calories and could justify eating a large slice of cake at Coco’s.

Suddenly seems like a lot when you’re carrying a buggy and child!
“Look, not one but three trains!”
Many, many steps leaving Croxley underground station

Unfortunately, after working up an appetite, we found CoCo’s closed even though their Facebook page was saying it was open. Gutted. We’ll have to go there another time.

CoCo’s Deli, Croxley Green

We decided to resort to our emergency supplies and enjoy them canal-side. The photo below shows the road down to the canal. My husband thought it was very important to include this photo so people knew how to get down there. I, personally, think it’s a very dull pic although I guess it’s helpful to show that this walk was very good for buggy access (well, apart from the set of steps at the two underground stations).

Dull photo of road to canal

We ate our emergency supplies (trusty Ella’s  biscuits) next to the canal and enjoyed the view. It actually looks like no one is around here but it was surprisingly busy with bike riders and dog walkers aplenty.

Croxley Green canal

Our son seemed to enjoy the walk and liked pointing out the ducks. He did want to get out and walk quite a few times but we felt nervous about him walking near the water (he’d only started walking a few months before and was still a bit unsteady) so we trundled on and he fell asleep.

There were some really great sights along the way and it felt like we were out in the countryside.









After quite a long walk, we arrived at the Cassiobury Park bit.DSC_3412


It was a great walk and one we’ve since done the other way: walking along the canal to Croxley and getting the tube back to Watford. We like the combination of an exciting train trip (for a toddler) with a bit of exercise and fresh air.


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